Product Photography

About 75% of online shoppers and about 90% of the information communicated to a brain is through visuals. which is why your Ecommerce listing images are so crucial.

Visual aspects of a product are fundamental. Certain techniques to showcase the products in a striking way to entice potential shoppers to make a purchase. You aren’t likely to gain potential customers without having a good picture. Remember, the key to reliable product listing is to rely on high-quality product photos.


B2C Sourcing Ltd have in-house photographer and studio, doing specific product photos using latest equipments to produce the highest quality photos to have every details captured.

Provides the highest resolution images with a white background (which conforms to Amazon and Ecommerce platform image guidelines) right after acquiring the samples from your supplier will be a definite process so you can work on your listing and have it ready before the inventory comes and do the launch.

Highest Quality Photos

Provides 10 highest resolution photos confirms Amazon and Ecommerce platform listing guidelines

Experienced Photo-ops Team

Consists of experience in-house and photo professional guarantees superb photo output.

Reliable Customer Support

Assist and accomodate every request, inquiries and post inspection in a dash on all channels.

Flexible and Quick Turnaround

Photos ready within 3-5 days and can do also lifestyle photos at additional minimal fees.

Product Photography

Service Details and Inclusion
  • 10 x High-resolution images per product.
  • White background from different angles
  • Lifestyle Background (Optional)
  • Photos sent via Google Drive to ensure quality is maintained.
  • Photos output ready within 3-5 days
  • Can do touchups and edits at your preference.