Samples Evaluation and Consolidation

Evaluate your samples and guarantee its compliance to represent your standards and criteria streamlining your product right before you order, at your own comfort and convenience.
  • Collect all samples from multiple suppliers.
  • Evaluate each of them with a video conference call with you.
  • Review the products and provide a recording of each sample.
  • Livestream session via WeChat or Skype.
  • Rebook and cancellation 24 hours prior schedule.
  • Recorded video provided within 12-24 hours.
  • Quality box for consolidating all samples.
  • Fast delivery (ships via Air Express)


B2C Sourcing Ltd evaluators guarantees quality check with the samples.

B2C Sourcing Ltd qualified evaluators ensure your samples check are being manufactured to your exact specifications and quality confirmed before you proceed with bulk production. Providing honest visual quality feedbacks on samples and giving in-dpeth suggestion on how the sample is made and what can be done to improve when you talk to your supplier.

Samples Consolidation / Forwarding

We will consolidate your samples from different suppliers into one package reducing your total shipping cost.

Completing the sample evaluation within China saves time and cost of having instead of having them sent to your location before you approve it. End-to-end and in-depth review via livestream ensures virtual experience like you are the one doing the check. Right after evaluation you have the option to send samples with SAMPLES CONSOLIDATION and deliver it right to your doorstep.

Quality Livestream Evaluation

Evaluate up to 5 samples at a time to have comparable review to have superb evaluation experience via livestream

Educated & Experienced Team

Consists of certified in-house and English-speaking evaluator guarantees thorough and clear review.

Reliable Customer Support

Assist and accomodate every requests, inquiries and post inspection in a dash on all channels.

Reliable Livestream Platform

Uses WeChat and Skype for video reliability and quality and provides recorded video for further personal review.