Supplier Finder and Audit

Evaluate and assess your potential supplier’s capabilities and reliability before you trust and integrate them to your product business.

Vet your supplier’s legitimacy, reliability and capabilities before conducting them your business is the best way to get smooth running when you start your supply-chain. Supplier List Report will include 3 Company Profile will be able to confirm the presence of the supplier in the Chinese business sector and is capable to deliver your production requirements.


B2C Sourcing Ltd certified auditors, with ample experience in the field, recognizes and adheres to ISO Quality Management Systems and undergo regular training and attestation.

We conduct an extensive evaluation of your supplier’s facilities and management systems. Once chosen a prospective supplier in the list, you can further evaluate their actual office, factory, production line and certification they bearto ensure legitimacy or reliability of what we provided. A separate report will be provided including photos and videos of the site visit.

Quality and Customized Report

Provide detailed report with information according to what you prefer and what you need to know.

Educated & Experienced Team

Consists of auditors and researchers with an average of 5 years of experience and undergo regular training.

Reliable Customer Support

Assist and accomodate every request, inquiries and post inspection in a dash on all channels.

Inspection & Accreditation

Recognize and adheres ISO and ANSI Quality Management System. Access directly to Chinese Business Database.

Supplier Finder and Audit Service Details and Inclusion

  • Provides list of 3 suppliers
  • Investigate multiple suppliers rigorous background checks.
  • Audit suppliers with actual site visit and production line check.
  • Audit supplier office and check certifications.
  • Reports provided within 3-5 days.
  • Actual Photos on Audit Process
  • Actual Videos on Audit Process