Warehousing storage facility service plays a vital role in the supply chain. It affects the efficiency of operations, from managing inventory to transporting items to your desire.

B2C Sourcing offers a wide array of warehouse services. Whether you are retailer who use warehouses to store goods and items before transporting it to a physical store, one of the many small businesses who use lack space as a warehouse to store your manufactured goods, or goods removed from Amazon to avoid expensive storage fee, we got you covered.

Our China and US warehouse have ample floor area for storage space and strategically located and with added FBA Services to optimize your business’ entire supply chain system.

B2C have network of secure warehouses, both in China or US, strategically located helps clients ship to customers quickly and efficiently. The warehouse team also comprises of Inventory Control and Warehouse Management certificates to quality and reliable storage processes. Also, we can deliver from our warehouse to any point where your goods needs where it needs to be.

Meet your Storage Demand

B2C Warehouses guarantees safe and hassle-free storage of your products or shipment. Customers can keep their inventories available as demand fluctuates to ensure products stay in stock.

Modern Business Solutions

Guaranteed safe and effective solution to your storage needs and stock availability always. Customers no longer have to worry getting out of stock or having issues with the manufacturing if they have stocks in storage always ready.

Reliable Customer Support

We have trained and experienced Customer Service representatives that will assist and accommodate every request, inquiries on all stored products in a dash on all channels

Certification and Accreditation

Recognize and follows International Standards for Inventory Control and Warehousing Management System.
  • Protection and Preservation on stored items.
  • Large storage spaces to hold large volume of goods
  • Easy receiving and releasing of stored goods.
  • Accepts Amazon and other Ecommerce platform removed goods
  • Can do goods prep and re-prep for fulfillment.
  • Regular flow of goods and continuity on inventory replenishment
  • In-house delivery to any point and guarantees affordable prices