5 Reasons why you may need a Good Freight Forwarder

5 Reasons why you may need a Good Freight Forwarder

The current era is the era of competition and every company has to act swiftly and professionally in order to grow well. Shipping goods in an effective and professional manner are very essential for all the companies to stay ahead in the race.

Shipping of products, samples, equipment and commodities to every place of the world requires professional skills and that’s the reason for having a freight forwarder. A professional freight forwarder knows all the customs and rules of shipping goods worldwide along with full knowledge of everything related to shipping procedure.

For example, if a buyer wants to import products from China to UK or US, then freight forwarder from China can do this efficiently. The freight forwarder knows all the custom clearance procedures & shipping related issues and can handle the delivery of products from China for the buyer.

Who is a Freight Forwarder?

Basically, a Freight Forwarder is a company or individual that acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the transport companies and handle all the process related to shipping of products. They handle all the details related to international shipping and can negotiate the best possible price required to move the goods.

A freight forwarder establishes relationships with goods carriers companies such as trucking companies or air/water freighter’s companies etc. They can also form deals with international shipping services like MSK, COSCO, PIL, SINOTRANS etc. at lowest possible prices. Moreover, they will save the buyer from the hustle and bustle of shipping goods. The buyer simply needs to order the goods and contact a freight forwarder and just wait for the products to arrive.

Now, after knowing what a freight forwarder can do, you must be thinking of whether you really need a freight forwarder or not. Here are more reasons:

Why you need Freight Forwarder?

  1. Sample Forwarding

When any seller/buyer looks for requesting samples from various suppliers (from the same country), they had to pay separate charges for each sample. And this cost can include the sample cost and shipping charges.  Also, if you are new to the business, the suppliers or manufacturers will definitely try to monetize you immediately. The problems you may face are:

  • Ask every supplier to pack and handle your samples.
  • Pay for the shipment of every sample separately
  • Receive all samples in totally different sequence
  • Handle all the customs duties to receive the samples

But if you have a freight forwarder in that country then they can consolidate your samples in one package in their warehouse and ship that package to you at lowest possible cost.  The benefits you can get are:

  • All the samples are consolidated at one place
  • You don’t need to pay shipping charges separately for each sample
  • You only have to pay shipment for a single package and cost incurred in shipping sample from your vendor to the forwarder’s warehouse, and cost of repackaging it.

For example, if you want to import samples from China, then you contact B2Csourcing for forwarding your samples (regardless of the location of vendors whether they are from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Yunnan, etc.). You simply need to ask your suppliers to ship your samples to them and they will do all the freight forwarding tasks for you. This company creates the services that cater all the needs of the customers who are searching for sample forwarding in low cost.

  1. Flexibility

If you contact Multinational companies to forward your samples/products than they will not give too much attention on your small packages. They have their own problems because they generally use their foreign office to move your shipments and sometimes their allied office don’t have expertise that you need. In case of issues with service providers, they don’t have the ability to shift between different service providers.

So in this case what you need is:

  • A freight forwarder who can adjust their operations according to your needs
  • A freight forwarder who is flexible enough to handle the shipments

A freight forwarder can manage all your shipping needs and will take care of your samples no matter how much small they are.  Also, he will manage all the paperwork and administration needed for shipping your product.

The freight forwarder is a local agent so he better knows how to choose the best routing source and price combination. They can easily change their operations to cater the needs of the buyer. And in the last of all, their cost is also low than any multinational company.

  1. Tailored Services

If you are dealing with more than one person that will manage all your logistics operation than this task will be going to make a mess for you. An order of a sample or product from a vendor can include many tasks such as packing your product, sending them to a freight service (the individuals here are different), etc.

But if you have contact of an independent local forwarder than he can help you to improve your operations as they have good knowledge of all the forwarding operations and your needs. They can understand your daily stresses and pay attention to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

They also offer you customized packaging of your products or samples (more than one) at reasonable prices. They can also insert your marketing materials within the product’s packaging.

At B2Csourcing we provide you best sample forwarding or product freight forwarding services with all the customizations that you need. Also, we do help you in Product sourcing, i.e. we can help you connect with most suitable vendors and can handle every process ourselves as your personal agent.

  1. Cost Effective

Now, let’s consider the cost associated with importing goods or samples from vendor’s country to your country:

  1. Product or sample’s cost
  2. Packaging cost. It is worse if you have multiple samples from multiple vendors and you have to pay for every packaging separately
  3. Product/sample forwarding shipment cost. Again it is worse if you have to ship your products/sample from multiple vendors.

But if you have a local sample/product forwarder in vendor’s country, you can save your money.  You can save your packaging and shipment cost.

Let’s say for example you want to have some of your samples that you booked from China. If you contact a local forwarder from China, such as b2csourcing, then you can save money on your samples.

In Verdict

In a nutshell, having a good freight forwarder for your business is the most important thing, as they can not only ship your products or samples to you in an efficient way, but they can also save your money and ends up all your worries (about shipment operations). The best freight forwarder knows everything related to shipment procedures and can ensure safe and speedy delivery of your goods without any hustle or bustle.

For hiring the best freight forwarding or sample forwarding services you can contact www.b2csourcing.com

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