Amazon will start penalizing third-party sellers for safety violations

Amazon will start penalizing third-party sellers for safety violations

Last week CNBC reported that Amazon Third-party sellers will soon be subject to new fines if they violate the company’s safety regulations for packages. These new fines are aimed for merchandise sold by third parties, but shipped by Amazon.

Amazon is taking preventive approach after series of safety incident. It was also told in local news report that several workers in an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey were exposed to bear repellent after its container was punctured.

The fees will be categorized as “unplanned service” charges, which is the same classification under which Amazon charges for expenses such as replaced barcodes or added packaging. A trial period testing the new fees began November 29.

What are these products?

Products that present potential harm, such as electronic devices with rechargeable batteries, chemicals and aerosol cans like hairspray, must be packaged correctly and in compliance with federal regulations, so wouldn’t cause harm to those who will handle them.

According to CNBC investigation, “For Amazon, these fees will reduce clutter in its warehouses, and potentially reduce the number of hazardous materials safety violations in its shipments. Amazon has seen a rise in violation reports since 2009, according to documents from the U.S. Office of Hazardous Materials Safety, although the reports cover a tiny proportion of the packages Amazon ships each year. According to these documents, some unmarked packages have leaked hazardous materials like gasoline and lye, and others have included flammable aerosols.”

For CNBC full report: Amazon will start penalizing sellers who ship unsafe packages to its warehouses, like leaky chemicals and unmarked aerosols

Amazon has some set rules revolving around FBA, and need to be adhered to with complete compliance to ensure that your shipping works out efficiently and without errors. Failure to comply with those rules can end up in refusal of your inventory, disposal or return of your inventory and even the blocking of any future shipments from you.

Check our Prep Guide Blog, we have compiled a list of those rules for you to gain more insight into what Amazon’s requirements are regarding FBA packaging and shipping to their Fulfilment centers.


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