FBA Prep Guide

FBA Prep Guide

Amazon has some set rules revolving around FBA, and need to be adhered to with complete compliance to ensure that your shipping works out efficiently and without errors. Failure to comply with those rules can end up in refusal of your inventory, disposal or return of your inventory and even the blocking of any future shipments from you. We have compiled a list of those rules for you to gain more insight into what Amazon’s requirements are regarding FBA packaging and shipping to their Fulfilment centers.


Unit Preparation

Each unit which you pack needs to meet the following requirements. For additional information on special requirements for items, scroll down below.

  • Items per box must not exceed 150 units
  • Each item must have its own unique barcode. If you are unable to obtain the barcodes by yourself, it can be arranged by us.
  • A suffocation warning label must be attached to all items in polybags with openings greater than 5”

Container Boxes

The boxes used to contain the items should generally be double walled in order to keep the items safe.

  • The boxes you use must be 25” from every side
  • Dimensions may exceed 25” if the contained item is longer than 25”
  • The box must not weigh more than 50 lbs.
  • The box is preferred to be made of corrugated cardboard
  • The box needs to have the following labels on it before shipping:
    • Brand name
    • UPC (Universal Product Code)
    • Item description
    • Box and case number (from the total number of boxes and cases)
    • The weight and size of the box
    • The destination of the box

Shipping Pallets

Shipping pallets carry the boxes containing your items.

  • An LTL shipments cannot contain more than 4,999 container boxes
  • The pallet must be 40” x 48”, and be accessible from all 4 sides
  • The pallet must be wooden only
  • The pallet must not weigh more than 1,500 lbs.
  • If a single unit exceeds the desired pallet side, a larger one may be used
  • Broken and damaged pallets will be rejected


Items with special requirements are distributed into several categories, which include: glass/fragile, liquid, perforated opening items, textiles, baby products, powder/pellets, sold as a set, sharp objects, adult material, or extra small. Here is some guidance as to how these materials should be dealt with during packing:


Materials Required Bubble wrapping, individual box
Packaging instructions Make sure there is enough bubble wrap to avoid breakages. Once the box is over the item, make sure that the item can withstand falling to the ground without breaking. Apply the barcode on the box so that it can be scanned without opening the box.



Materials Required Polybag
Packaging instructions Ensure that there are no leakages in the bottle/jar containing the liquid. Encase in a polybag and apply suffocation warning labels and the unit barcode in a clear place.


Perforated Opening

Materials Required Polybag
Packaging instructions Perforated openings are there to assist customers, but need to be sealed. Place the item in a polybag, and apply the relevant tags.



Materials Required Polybag
Packaging instructions Polybags help keep the clothes neat and clean. Add the barcode and suffocation warning label for the polybag.


Baby Products/Toys

Materials Required Polybag
Packaging instructions The polybags keep dust away from the products. Make sure the bag is sealed tightly, and apply the appropriate barcode and warning label.



Materials Required Polybag
Packaging instructions Include the bottles or boxes in a polybag, and add the barcode and suffocation warning to the polybag. This is only necessary if the container of the powder or pellets is unable to pass the drop test.


Items sold as a set

Materials Required “Sold as set” sticker
Packaging instructions Make sure the container of the items is sealed tightly shut. If need be, enclose it in a polybag. Add the “Sold as set” sticker along with the barcode.


Sharp Objects

Materials Required Bubble wrap
Packaging instructions Wrap the item’s sharp end with bubble wrap, and if needed, insert into another box for extra precaution.  


Adult Material

Materials Required Opaque wrapping/ black Polybag
Packaging instructions Your packaging material should not be see-through. Attach the barcode and suffocation label if you use a polybag.


Small Objects

Materials Required Polybag
Packaging instructions Include the item in a transparent polybag, and add the barcode and suffocation label.


Make sure that every item has its barcode and labels visible and accessible without having to unwrap or open the packaging. If you have any further questions, let us know through an email and we will be happy to guide you further. For more information, visit Amazon’s Official Guide to FBA packaging.

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