Samples Evaluation

Samples Evaluation

When you are exploring a new product to launch, you typically want to evaluate samples from more than one potential supplier.  This process can be drawn out as the suppliers operate on their individual schedules. Our product specialists are here to streamline this process for you. 

B2C SOURCING will collect all samples from multiple suppliers and help you to evaluate each. We will do a video conference call with you to review the products and provide a recording of each sample. We will give you our opinion on, which product is the best quality.

Samples Evaluation


samples evaluation

What’s Included

  • Collect samples from suppliers
  • One-on-One Video call
  • Review each sample with you
  • Detailed report

Samples Forwarding

Instead of shipping samples from different suppliers individually, you can consolidate them all in our warehouse. It’s easy: just ask your suppliers to ship them to us. Once they have all reached our warehouse, we will ship them to you in one go, saving you hundreds of dollars on shipping fees