Supplier Audit

Supplier Audit

Need Some Peace of Mind?

Even though factories are certified, it does not always mean they will make your order a priority. The factory usually prioritizes their business core practices over outside orders. Imagine a few $10,000 orders, when the factory usually produces over $500,000 worth of good per day.

However, This is where we step in…. You can let us provide you with a supplier audit, which will include a background check of the factory through government registration documents, their legal status and qualification certificates and production capacity. We will also perform a manual checkup by testing them first hand. This will ensure that your supplier is capable of compliance. We will make it clear to them that you matter and your order is produced in a timely manner with a STRICT deadline.

Supplier Audit


supplier audit

What’s Included

  • Supplier Background Check
  • Financial Investigation
  • Quality Control
  • Product Development
  • Reputation Review Past Orders

The price mentioned is for each supplier we provide supplier audits for.

Sample Costs Are Too High?

Instead of shipping samples from different suppliers individually, you can consolidate them all in our warehouse. It’s easy: just ask your suppliers to ship them to us. Once they have all reached our warehouse, we will ship them to you in one go, saving you hundreds of dollars on shipping fees.