Source, Inspect and Ship Your Products From China

Our team is dedicated to finding the best suppliers and manufacturers for your specific needs. We take the time to research and vet each potential partner to ensure they meet our strict criteria for quality, reliability, and ethical practices.


More Than a Sourcing Agent

We’re not just your typical middleman. Think of us as trailblazers, reshaping what it means to be a sourcing partner. Our skills go beyond the norm, making us masters of product creation. We’re not just here to link you up with the best sources; we’re here to work hand in hand with you, turning your ideas into standout products that lead the market. Our method blends sharp market know-how with imaginative flair, guaranteeing that your products aren’t just good—they’re setting the bar for greatness.

What Client Say

Partnering with B2C. Dive into the experiences shared by our clients and see the impact of our expertise on their success.

Partnering with B2C's China sourcing services has transformed our supply chain management. Their extensive network and deep understanding of the local market have ensured that we receive high-quality products at competitive prices. Their team's dedication to maintaining strict quality control and their ability to navigate the complexities of international logistics is truly impressive. We've seen significant improvements in our production timelines and overall cost savings. Highly recommended for any business looking to source from China.

Sophia Marshall Amazon Seller

The professionalism and expertise that B2C SOURCING brings to the table are unmatched. Their services have provided us with access to top-tier suppliers, and their on-ground support ensures that our specifications are met with precision.

Ethan Parker Amazon Seller

As a small business, venturing into international sourcing was intimidating, but B2C made the process seamless and profitable. Their team in China is proactive and truly understands our needs, providing personalized solutions and support. The quality of products and the speed of delivery have exceeded our expectations, allowing us to scale our operations and meet our customers' demands efficiently.

Ava Bennett Shopify Seller

Thanks to B2C Sourcing, sourcing from China has become a major asset for us. Their attention to detail and strong supplier relationships have streamlined our operations and cut costs effectively.

Lucas Grant Wholesaler

B2C Sourcing's services has significantly boosted our product quality and bottom line. Their local expertise and efficient logistics are unmatched. Truly a game-changer for our supply chain!

Emily Watson Amazon Seller

Working with Sheng has simplified our sourcing from China, ensuring quality and reliability every step of the way. Their team’s dedication and market insight are invaluable to our business growth

Natalie Fisher Amazon Seller

Questions For Us

We prioritize product quality above all, performing extensive checks well beyond industry standards, completely free of charge. Uniquely, we offer meticulous 1-by-1 inspections, aiming for a zero defect rate, setting us apart as the premier choice in sourcing.

We’re committed to securing the most competitive prices for our clients. Unlike others who mask high product costs with low service fees, we champion transparency, inviting clients to compare and confirm the unbeatable value we offer.

Our team of over 200 seasoned professionals boasts a broad spectrum of expertise in China sourcing, covering a diverse array of products. This depth and breadth of knowledge sharply contrast with the industry norm, where smaller teams of less than 10 often have expertise confined to narrow product categories.

We value every client and order, big or small, focusing on building lasting relationships. Our commitment sets us apart from other suppliers and agents; we proactively seek compensation and work diligently to minimize your losses in the rare case of defective products.

Our warehouse distinguishes itself with a specialized production department, enabling capabilities beyond typical factories. We excel in customized packaging for small orders, creating bundled products with purchased accessories, and performing comprehensive inspections, delivering unparalleled service and quality.

For major or fast-growing firms, we provide enhanced services such as dedicating a team of up to 20 experts, offering credit payment terms post-delivery, and beyond.

Complete Guide of How to Import From China

Download this ultimate tutorial now. In this ebook, you’ll learn:

✅ Ways to find reliable Chinese suppliers

✅ Profitable products to source from China

✅ Practical tips to get precise product quote

✅ Shipping solutions based on time & cost

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