Tariffs were raised on some American imports

The tariff commissioner of the state council decided to increase the tariff rate on some imported goods from the United States

On May 9, 2019, the us government announced that the tariff rate on us $200 billion worth of Chinese imports will be raised from 10% to 25% from May 10, 2019. The above-mentioned measures by the us side have led to an escalation of trade frictions between China and [...]


Amazon FBA in 2019: Insights for Sellers

As the year draws to an end, probably you’re now planning and preparing your 2019 marketplace strategy, taking into consideration the pricing, inventory, advertising, and other operational functions. Here are the few key insights that Amazon US announces for your business strategy fine-tuning. FBA Fee Changes Amazon’s initiatives for 2018 was [...]


China’s Top Product Sourcing for Amazon Sellers

Selecting the right suppliers makes a major difference to the cost and quality of your firm’s products. We listed some potential marketplaces where you could look for your Amazon product sourcing need that you can make the best choices. Sourcing Websites: Alibaba known as the leading platform for global wholesale trade serving [...]


Important Concepts of Product Sourcing

Product sourcing defined In simple terms, product sourcing refers to looking for or obtaining products for your company. These processes entail purchasing products for sale at actual wholesale prices and promoting them online with an intention of making profits. Product sourcing is therefore a basis for success as an online [...]


FBA Prep Guide

Amazon has some set rules revolving around FBA, and need to be adhered to with complete compliance to ensure that your shipping works out efficiently and without errors. Failure to comply with those rules can end up in refusal of your inventory, disposal or return of your inventory and [...]