Product Sourcing

Sourcing from China could be tricky. But doing it the right way, it will be well worth as you can get high quality product at the right price.

China as the major hub for global manufacturing, with tons of listed supplier from all sorts of product and services. It will be a needle-in-a-haystack challenge to find that one supplier that will meet all your critieria on the product you want to procure. Numerous apps helps you to to find product onlin with just a click of a button, however, high chances you might end up with tradesmen and middlemen which manipulate prices and hamper customization option on your desired product.

.Maximize product profit and customization by talking directly to manufacturers. We are here to help you connect and deal with the most suitable vendors for your needs, and act as your personal agent, handling every process for you ourselves.


B2C Sourcing Ltd works locally. Knowledge in all regions and working with manufaturers in years of experience gives us the edge to identify the suitable manufacturer and the product they specializes. Vast expertise in suppy-chain and logistics management solutuons will ensure you end-to-end procuring process at ease.


Affordable and Considerate Pricing

Guaranteed lowest price with superb quality – get factory price lower than any tradesmen, middlemen and online sourcing apps.

Customization and Budget

Works with your specified criteria, budget to ensure satisfying results at your end.

Works Directly with our Sourcing Manager

Guarantees thorough search and hand-in-hand process from start-finish

Ease of communication

English-speaking and communicates instanstineously via multiple channel (Whatsapp, WeChat, Skype, Facebook, Linekedin, Email)

Fast and reliable support

Accommodates every request and inquiries in a dash